Sample Local Arts Culture in Frisco, Texas

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Discover art combined with local history at the Museum of the American Railroad. Image courtesy of: sepixx /iStock/Getty Images Plus Collection/Getty Images.

Frisco, Texas, is a city practically built around the arts. The city boasts one of the largest collections of outdoor public art in Texas, and the local artist scene is vibrant and active. If you are looking to immerse yourself in the art scene, you’ll find plenty of creativity and inspiration here.

History Lesson

Start at Central Park, just behind Hotel Indigo at the intersection of Gaylord Parkway and Parkwood Boulevard. Here you’ll see the city’s iconic Cattle Drive sculpture, which commemorates the 19th century cattle drive along the Shawnee Trail and includes bronze statues, murals and sayings about the era. The eight-acre park, which features other life-sized, bronze sculptures, created by artist Anita Pauwels, also includes a small pond, running brook, amphitheater, walking trails and benches.

Cultural Hub

The highlight of local culture is found in Frisco Square, the cultural hub of the city and site of the public library, the Heritage Village and Museum, the Discovery Center, which includes a black box theater and art gallery, and the Museum of the American Railroad. Frisco established a public art program in 2002, to enrich the city’s cultural vitality by bringing in dynamic contemporary art. More than 60 pieces of art located around town include paintings, sculptures and photography. You can use this map to go on a cultural scavenger hunt to spot the pieces.

There is also an ongoing art exhibit at the city municipal center, open to the public. Art in the Atrium showcases two-dimensional works by professional and novice Texas artists; the exhibit is changed out twice a year.

Statement in Sculpture

At the Texas Sculpture Garden, a half-mile from Hotel Indigo, you’ll discover a literal treasure trove set along winding trails lined with lush landscaping, lakes and fountains. This exhibit, located on a four-acre parcel at the entrance to Hall Park, is the largest private collection of contemporary sculpture by Texas artists ever opened to the public.

The garden features more than 40 works of some of the state’s most renowned sculpture artists, as well as over 100 more from artists around the world. You can take a free self-guided tour by picking up a map onsite, or downloading one from the website.

Cultural Events

The Frisco Arts Walk, held each October in Hall Park, is a free, two-day event, featuring interactive art performances, street musicians and artists, a pop-up food truck park and performances on the community stage by Frisco-based arts organizations. You can also take docent-guided tours of the Texas Sculpture Garden during the event.

Another popular event is Arts in the Square, taking place in the spring (late March or early April). This juried outdoor arts festival features artwork by more than 120 top local and regional artists, available for purchase. Local restaurants are on-site with food and drink, and various performing arts and interactive art activities go on throughout the weekend.