Clues to the Neighborhood, by Hotel Indigo®

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Introducing Clues to the Neighborhood



Just as each Hotel Indigo® property is built around its own unique neighborhood story, poetically guiding every aspect of the hotel design and culinary offering, Clues to the Neighborhood has been curated to provide guests and locals with a multi-sensory experience that encourages discovery of the local area.

Working in collaboration with musicians, artists and creatives who have a deep affinity to the neighborhood, Clues to the Neighborhood is a curated collection of artifacts which allows for guests and visitors to discover the best off-the-beaten path experiences the area has to offer. Whether it’s a quirky little-known museum, music venue, boutique or a place to eat and drink, Clues to the Neighborhood offers our guests around the world a unique and intriguing way to get to know the local area.

Installations will debut in 3 locations:

Every Hotel Indigo property has a unique neighborhood story. Our hotels are designed and inspired by the neighborhoods in which they live. Inspiration is everywhere. It’s in the best places. The uncharted places. The unforgettable places.

Hotel Indigo® Berlin – East Side Gallery, opens 11th February 2020
Hotel Indigo® Stratford-upon-Avon, opens 28th February 2020
Hotel Indigo® Brussels – City, TBC April 2020