Downtown Baltimore

Discover Hotel Indigo Baltimore Downtown with The Kentucky Gent

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Meet The Kentucky Gent, Josh Johnson. Josh is a content creator and photographer based in Louisville, Kentucky. He spends his days exploring new places, experiencing new food and drink, and expressing what it means to be from the South. All of that and more can be found on his lifestyle blog, The Kentucky Gent. Recently, Josh set off to explore curated experiences in Baltimore Downtown and here’s what he found:

Where to stay:

Hotel Indigo Baltimore Downtown: Couldn’t ask for a more centrally located hotel in downtown Baltimore! They’ve got everything from gorgeous views of the city from the rooms, amazingly friendly staff, and an easy to find AND park parking garage directly across from the property.

Where to eat:


Gunther: This perfectly appointed spot was recommended to me by an Instagram follower, and I thank my lucky stars that they sent me here. I easily spent 30 minutes just taking photos of the interior of the building – just that dang gorgeous. And don’t even get me started on the food! We ordered what felt like half the menu, but the highlights for me were hands down the buttermilk biscuits – life changing.

Lexington Market: It’s easy to get lost in this bustling space, but it’s well worth the trek through the crowded aisles. Make your way to Faidley’s Seafood for the best crab cakes of your life.

The Bun Shop: If I lived in Baltimore, you’d find me here every day. Amazing aesthetic, delicious coffee, and food so good you’ll be back for seconds.

Thames Street Oyster House: If you’re looking for the quintessential oyster house in Baltimore – look no further – amazing food, perfect décor, and during the day a great view of the bay. Keep it classic like myself and go for

Dooby’s: The perfect mix of Asian inspired foods with a cozy, comfortable coffee shop – better yet, a quick walk from the front steps of Hotel Indigo.

Where to drink: 

The Wharf Rat: The kind of a hole-in-the-wall bar you’d find my friends and me at every weekend knocking back a few beers while keeping an eye out for ghosts. Yes, you read that correctly. This bar is 100% haunted, and if you luck out the owner may even point them out to you.

Birds of a Feather: The selection at this spot even impressed this Kentucky boy, so you know they’re doing something right! Can never go wrong with good bourbon on the rocks, Bulleit for me, or with a craft cocktail from their impressive list.

Owl Bar: I’ll be the first to admit that I got lost trying to find this place, BUT it’s well worth it. Perfect spot to spend a friend night with friends or to cozy up to the bar with a cocktail or two and an order of their fries. I’d put that aioli on everything if I could!

Best Coffee Shops:

Order & Chaos Coffee: So, I stumbled upon this spot by complete accident, but easily one of my favorites in Baltimore. Amazing coffee AND a great photo opportunity outside. It’s a win, win for us Instagram addicted folks.

Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse: Any place that has a sign up requesting to not assume anyone’s gender is a winner in my book, but top that off with a delicious Chai that reminded me of my time in India, and I’m sold.


Where to shop:


The QG: The kind of place that you’d easily spend a few hours and not complain about it one bit. Get your haircut, and then head upstairs for some shopping or to grab the best Old Fashioned in the city.

Where to discover art and design:

The Walters Art Museum: If you’re a fan of ancient cultures, then this is a must visit spot! Spent hours walking through exhibits from Greece, India, and Egypt. Not to mention – they’ve got one of the very few Mona Lisa’s outside of Paris.

The George Peabody Library: If you love architecture as much as me then you’ll die for these views. Constructed of cast iron, to protect the structure in case of fire, and flanked with skylights from front to back it’s certainly a beauty.

The American Visionary Art Museum: Think of this as the quirky museum that you’d take your favorite aunt, yes that aunt, and then be prepared to laugh and be amazed all at the same time.


Must-see landmarks:

National Aquarium: I balked on this when I first thought about it. Another aquarium? I know, I know. But trust me – unlike any other aquarium you’ve been too. SO worth it.


Best neighborhoods to explore:

Federal Hill: Well, it’s home to two of my favorite things in Baltimore, The American Visionary Art Museum and Order & Chaos coffee, so it’s only natural that this neighborhood was hands down my favorite. The streets are lined with apartments I’d die to live in, as well as local boutiques, eateries, and about everything in between.