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Bangkok’s Wireless Road Neighbourhood: Design Celebrating History

By June 20, 2017 No Comments

Larger-than-life wall murals adorn Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road’s interior, paying homage and tribute to everyday traditions and heritage milestones, including the birth of Thai radio. [Photo credit: Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road]

New Designs on Old Wall

Bangkok is a culturally-rich centre that has managed to retain a strong national identity despite rapid transformation and commercialisation. In a city where Thai temples and traditional street markets sit alongside hip lifestyle establishments and sophisticated dining venues, key to the creation and preservation of Thai identity is a profound notion and understanding of the past. Sitting at the confluence of heritage and modernity, Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road has drawn on the local neighbourhood’s heritage whether it’s a custom wall mural of wireless radios, celebrating Wireless Road as the birthplace for Thai radio, or iconising the popular tuk tuks, a nimble three-wheeled mode of transport, that are synonymous with Bangkok, there’s a story being told throughout the hotel.

Paying tribute to this intricate craft, Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road has carefully curated silken art into its design. Traditional silk artwork adorns the walls and guest room chairs have colourful textured inserts that reflect silk being worked on a loom. Enjoy the collision of tradition and modernity in a flux of fascinating colours. [Photo credit: Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road]

Refreshed Styles on Age-Old Silk

Thais take great pride in stylish aesthetics, which is why a trip to Bangkok’s popular silk, textile and fabric markets are a must. No stranger to exceptional lustre, and striking juxtaposition of rich colours such as neon pinks and deep royal blues that adjoin in perfect harmony, traditional Thai production and manufacture of authentic silk fabrics and textiles belies an intricate craft.

From winding silk thread around spools for weaving to putting on colourful dyes, today, traditional Thai designs and styles now boast refreshed takes of contemporary modernity and evolving consumer tastes. Fashion insiders gesture to this as a nod towards a more inclusive and outward-looking Thai identity, one that is morphing along with modern lifestyles and cultural nuances.