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Take a Sip of Baltimore’s Brewing Craft Coffee Scene

Ceremony Coffee Roasters Baltimore

Taste the terroir in each cup at Baltimore’s sleekest new coffee shop, Ceremony Coffee Roasters. Photo courtesy of Ceremony Coffee Roasters


Baltimore may not be the first city you think of when you think world-class coffee — your mind probably goes straight to Seattle, or maybe even Portland. But Baltimore is brewing up a coffee culture that is quickly rivaling both of those cities.

Over the last few years, the city has added a slew of craft coffee shops that put a fresh new spin on the classic cup of joe. Here are six of our favorites for you to get that caffeine buzz near Hotel Indigo.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters520 Park Ave
One of the newest additions to the local scene, Ceremony Coffee Roasters get right to the source, meeting with coffee growers around the world to evaluate crops, select beans and specify milling requirements. They also roast their own beans with an eye toward bringing out the terroir of each specific variety — and their obsessive attention to detail shows in the quality of the blends they serve in their Mount Vernon shop. The bright and airy space is not only the place to try a Black Shakerato or a coffee cocktail like the Walk in the Park (nitro cold brew, lime juice, lavender, rose water); it’s also where you can attend coffee-centric events like workshops and the monthly Latte Art Throwdown.

Artifact Coffee, 1500 Union Ave
Located in the restored Union Mill, Artifact’s rustic, historic interior is a sharp contrast to Ceremony’s sleek vibe — but they’re no less serious about pouring a good cup of coffee. The sister establishment of the wildly popular Woodberry Kitchen pours Counter Culture brews with offerings like the “Spike-i-atto” (a macchiato with a shot of espresso) and Japanese cold brew.

3 Bean Coffee209 Key Highway
This industrial-looking spot in the Federal Hill neighborhood sold out of everything on its first day in business last September. The shop’s name refers to the three beans used in their brews: coffee, cacao and vanilla. Like Artifact, 3 Bean also uses Counter Culture coffee, and you can enjoy your flat white with a side of locally baked pie.

Argosy Café7 N Calvert St
Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in downtown Baltimore, the Argosy Café is as beloved for its coffee as it is for its food. With roasting on-site by Vent Coffee Roasters, Argosy’s preferred brewing tool for single-origins is the AeroPress, a tube-like apparatus that results in a smooth, full-bodied brew.

Spro Coffee851 W 36th St
This Hampden-based coffee shop is inspired by an old Hawaiian saying: Not all knowledge is taught in one school. With that in mind, Spro works with a range of coffee roasters from around the world and uses various brewing methods, from pour-over and French press to a Chemex and a cold brew drip tower. As a result, every cup they pour feels thoughtful and intentional.

Zeke’s Coffee, 3003 Montebello Terrace
You can’t talk about craft coffee in Baltimore without mentioning Zeke’s, a small-batch roaster and café founded in 2005. After stopping by the café for a cup of coffee and a locally made pastry, coffee aficionados can head to the roastery for a peek at the process behind each bag of beans. And for a true taste of Baltimore? Grab a bag of the Charm City blend.