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Gladys Tamez Hats: Downtown LA 

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Artisan: Gladys Tamez Millinery

Neighborhood-Inspired Item: Hat from the SS19 Wanderlust collection

Stop and smell the flowers. Throughout the immersive experience of Hotel Indigo Downtown Los Angeles, floral accents nod to the historic, multicultural Fiesta de la Flores parade and subsequent glitzy galas that set the bar for style over 100 years agoThe energy of fun-loving flappers and film legends of the past remains ever-present. Gritty and glamorous at the same time, Los Angeles is never afraid to be a little “extra”, and certainly doesn’t shy away from accessorizing. 

On display in the hotel lobby amid lush décor, hats inspired by those worn to the galas offer a look at timeless style and personal expression. Never short on drama, fashion pays an integral role in L.A. culture – and Gladys Tamez knows how to play the part.

Founder of a top-of-the-line millinery of that serves international celebrities like Beyonce and Lady Gaga, Tamez transitioned into hat-making after visiting a fourth generation milliner in Spain. Met with her Mexican heritage, she was inspired to design her heirloom-worthy pieces with the sculptural, elegant edge she’s grown notorious for.  

The SS19 Wanderlust collection features hats for men and women inspired by jetsetters, luxury hotels and the timeless elegance of natural colors of materials. Capture the luxury spirit of the Los Angeles Art District and purchase a Gladyz Tamez hat for your personal collection. 

Step into the spotlight. You just might be the next big thing.  

For cultural, global and creative enchantment, there’s no place quite like L.A. Book your stay at Hotel Indigo Downtown Los Angeles.  

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