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Hilary Grant Lambswool Blanket: Dundee 

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Artisan: Hilary Grant
Neighborhood-Inspired Item: Lambswool “Seaward” blanket

Intricately woven into the city’s history, Dundee’s love affair with fabric dates to the 19th century. As Dundee became one of the UK’s key ports, Dundondians began manufacturing jute, shiny vegetable fibers that can be spun into durable thread, to create much-needed rope for docked boats. At the height of the industry peak, Dundee’s 150 jute firms employed approximately 50,000 people. In what was once the Baxter Family Jute Factory, the Hotel Indigo® Dundee reinvigorates the city’s jute-spinning past with  bold, minimalist design – including a landmark bell tower, bare-brick walls, and sleek hardwood flooring. 

Today, the resourcefulness and reinvention required of Dundee’s industrial heritage remains engrained in the culture. Inspired by seascape paintings of the late Scottish contemporary landscape painter Sylvia Wishart, the “Seaward” blanket was designed by Hilary Grant, an explorative design partnership and knitwear studio by Hilary Grant and Robert Harvey out of Orkney, a remote Scottish archipelago. All Hilary Grant knitwear is made in the Scottish Borders by established knitwear mills well-educated on the qualities and characteristics of premium fibers. 

Just like Dundee itself, the “Seaward” blanket offers welcoming warmth and beautiful quality. Found in the guest rooms of Hotel Indigo Dundee, the 100% Geelong lambswool piece features a delicate color-blush effect of varying hue and intensity created from just three colors of yarn – Ink, Coral, and Haar Blue. Hand-finished to the impeccable standard for which Scottish knitwear is known worldwide, the heirloom-quality blanket is large enough to cover a king-sized bed. 

Explore the elevated elegance and relaxation of Dundee’s city-center theatres, bars and gourmet eateries at Hotel Indigo® DundeeBook your stay now. 

Discover more on Hilary Grant’s hand-finished luxury knitwear in their shop, or on FacebookInstagramand Twitter. 


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