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Berlin East Side Gallery: Trabi Cars

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Artisan: Trabant
Neighborhood-Inspired Item: Mini Trabi cars in magentablue, and beige


Berlin is a place shaped by its artistic, musical and architectural stories. While visitors and locals alike marvel over the socialist architecture of Karl-Marx-Allee, Museum Island galleries and museums, and the vast Brandenburg Gate, walls covered in bohemian street art are constantly refreshed, offering fascinating perspective into tales of the past and present. Nearby the hotel is the East Side Gallery, an open-air, graffiti art-covered stretch of the old Berlin Wall with thousands of names scrawled all over it. Naturally, the city’s art-laced heritage seeped its way into nearly every facet of design at Hotel Indigo® Berlin – East Side GalleryHead from the Gallery Rooftop bar with a fabulous view of the Spree River to find splashes of color add an imaginative spark to every guest room. 

Ever-changing in pace and color, East Berlin keeps it movingmuch like East Germany’s most common automobile: the Trabant car (Trabant translates to “companion” in German). Produced without major changes for nearly 30 years, the “Trabi” car is often seen as a symbol of the country in 1989’s powerful fall of the Berlin Wall. Today, tourists embark on Trabi Safaris, guided tours in authentic cars that roll through side streets, parks, and along the river. Seeing Berlin by Trabi offers a unique perspective that feels deeply connected to the city’s history and thus, it’s art. 

Miniature Trabi car models adorn our 100th hotel, Hotel Indigo Berlin – East Side Gallery. With a passionate cult following, miniature Trabi car models are the perfect collection piece for a tabletop, desk or shelf. Let your mini Trabi become a piece of urban-inspired artwork in your home. Explore and purchase in magentablue, and beige 

Indulge in Berlin’s coolest neighborhood, filled with must-visit bars, cafes, clubs, and – amidst it all – Hotel Indigo® Berlin East Side Gallery. Book your stay now. 

Discover more about the rich history of Trabant cars in the Trabi Shop, or on Facebook and YouTube. 


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