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Les Ottomans Wall Plates: Venice Sant’Elena 

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Artisan: Les-Ottomans

Neighborhood-Inspired Item: Ottoman Empire wall plates

Despite nearly 30 million annual visitors and 55,000 residents, there’s still so much undiscovered in the majestic, floating city of Venice. Explore the trademark tranquility of Sant’Elena, the neighborhood that welcomes and embraces its history while playing a significant role in modern art and culture. With a peaceful ambiance blanketing the city, Sant’Elena lends locals and tourists alike a place of respite to bask in the surrounding palaces, cathedrals, and museums.  

During the famous Venice Biennale festivities, a biannual exhibition celebrating the arts, many events are held at Arsenale, a shipyard just a short walk from Hotel Indigo® Venice – Sant’Elena. Back when the powerful Venetian city-state dominated trade in the Mediterranean Sea for centuries, the Arsenale was a city within a city. 

Throughout the pinnacle time of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, early Venetian society also hinged heavily on trade for economic health and balance. During this period, the Venetian and Ottoman empires became trading partners, granting each other access to ports and goods they needed. Today, Moorish-inspired home design company Les Ottomans reflects this long-standing relationship with a passion for Turkish-inspired luxury goods. 

Founded by cultural curator Bertrando Di Renzo, East and West tastes meld to create a sophisticated assortment of products. Di Renzo’s passion for Turkey can be seen in the texture and tone of Les-Ottomans’ uniquely blended style.



Les-Ottomans Sultan collection honors Ottoman Empire royalty and their ancient traditions with ornate wall plates. One ceramic plate showcases Sultan Abdulmecid, an emperor imperative to threstoration of the Ottoman Empire. The other portrays imperial consort Hurrem Sultanone of the most notorious and controversial wives of the Sultans known for her active role in the affairs of the Ottoman Empire. Handmade in Italy, combine both plate styles for a luxurious look that enhances any dining room or living room with the European elegance signature to Venice. 

Palaces and piazzas. Gondolas and gelato. Canals and carnevale. Beaches and Biennale. Northeastern Italy is a uniquely perfect place to get away. Discover true tranquility with Hotel Indigo® Venice – Sant’ElenaBook your stay now 

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